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Dr. Kenneth & Mary Unger

Dr. Kenneth L. Unger grew up in church and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour at the age of 13. About a year later, while kneeling at a folding chair in a store front church, he felt the call of God on his life to minister. In that call God spoke to him and told him He wanted him to be a “last days” preacher. From that moment on his direction in life changed.

At the age of 17 he began his ministry preaching his first sermon at the Billings Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, CA. From there he branched into evangelism and service as an assistant pastor and pastor of several Los Angeles area churches.

For many years Dr. Unger hosted the Something I Can Feel radio broadcast, “Sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ” to listeners across America and Internationally. Opening each broadcast with the statement “Letting you know He loves you, He cares about you and He wants to meet the needs in your life.” This message became the mission statement of The Lord’s House Fellowship, a non-denominational ministry founded by Dr. Unger.

The Lord’s House now reaches out to the world via the internet and this website. Go to the “Messages” button for sermons by Dr. Kenneth L. Unger and other guest speakers.

We would also like to acknowledge some of the ministers who have played an important part in the foundation of this ministry. Rev. Willard Peachee, who gave Dr. Unger his first opportunity to preach and to be an assistant pastor. Rev. Walter Barnard, with whom Dr. Unger served as an Associate Pastor and whose fatherly advise guided this ministry. Dr. Robert Turner, who worked with and served with this ministry. All three are now rejoicing in the presence of the Lord, but their memory lives on in this ministry.

Ministries Staff

Dr. Kenneth L. Unger, Ph.D.
President / Pastor, TLHF
Presiding Bishop, TLHF Ministries

Mary R. Unger
Secretary / Treasurer

Katrina Hill
Vice President

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PO Box 1348
Spring Hill
TN 37174-1348
Email: pastor@tlhf.us